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Greek Stoneware

The two brands that follow a sustainable philosophy, are conscious of their environment whilst also adhering to the highest quality and aesthetic standards.
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Let me take you on a journey to my homeland of Greece and beyond, sharing the extraordinary products I discover, introducing the artisans who create them, and telling the narrative of their heritage. 

Referencing in retrospect the treasured cabinets of the past,  we select and display contemporary wonders, offering an alternative and thoughtful shopping experience.

Drawing inspiration from what truly represents Greece’s spirit: the colours of the sea, the sun and the products of the Greek soil.

A Magic Cabinet- forushiki

A Magic Cabinet proudly honours the art of the dissaki.

Believing that presentation is as valuable as contents, create a unique gift with our ethical packaging.

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A Magic Cabinet-

Holiston Greek Virgin Olive Oil

Inspired by Hippocrates, a new generation of Greek virgin olive oil has arrived. The entire concept of Greek olive oil evokes images of thickly flowing liquid, pressed from olives plucked from rustling silver groves blessed and warmed by the sun, stored with care and devotion in steel tanks. Almost every Greek island treasures its olive […]
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A Magic Cabinet-

Kois Optics

A majestic ceiling fresco from the ‘Kois Mansion’ becomes an imaginative series of products.
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