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Alkisti Poulopoulou

Actress Alkisti Poulopoulou, who stars in «Lulu», one of the most talked about plays of the year, opens up her Magic Cabinet and reveals vintage finds, heirlooms and secrets.

My magic cabinet is in a 50s style and has really beautiful handles. I recently painted it celadon and brought to my new home.

In its two cupboards, I keep my favourite photos, like the one from my most recent show, “Lulu” and my the ones we take with my sister every time we go to the Palais De Tokyo photomaton in Paris.

I also keep letters and books that I intend to read but never have the time, like «Nana» by Emile Zola, that has so much in common with Lulu. I also keep an old, sea shell shaped, celadon and gold dish my stepfather gave me, an ivory letter opener and various other knick knacks.

I decorate it with a vase full of flowers.

As I love boxes, I store my favourite items in various parts of the house! I keep my favourite rings, necklaces and hair clips in glass amber boxes and my mother’s Art Déco ones. I am not known for my tidiness so I often surprise myself with their contents!

One of my most prized belongings is a green marble frog with a small spoon, used as an opium dispenser. My stepfather got it for me on one of his many travels. I don’t know how he came about it but I feel it has a story to tell!

I always have my favourite By Terry rosewater with me, as it keeps my skin glowing.

I love the bags Pavlina Papailiopoulou designs for Ippolito.

I am crazy about hand fans! My favourite is a black one with golden stars and planets that was also designed by Pavlina.

I always have a Diane Alexandre talisman on me and I have a grey decorative beetle at home, also designed by her.

I only take off my Lito sexy chain when I am on stage.

Ι am never without my Kessaris small diamond ring and one from Sergakis, gifted to me by my mother. I wear them no matter what character I’m playing, as they’re very subtle. That’s my little secret!

I’ve always got two lockets in my bag. One belonging to my mother and given to her by her boyfriend when she was sixteen and one of my own, which will one day have a photo of my beloved.

I very rarely take off my Margarita Myrogianni designed bracelet.

I love Saristi infusions

My favourite things remind me of my favourite city, Paris, and my loved ones.

My favourite things remind me of my favourite city, Paris, and my loved ones.

The frog and a bakelite watch collection remind me of my stepfather and the melancholy Rouen landscape, the capital of Normandy where I grew up.

My photos remind me of my family, friends and old loves.

My French literary collection and endless walks are associated with my life in Paris. I love reading about its streets and all their history!

The inside of my home has a French flair as I miss France when I’m in Greece and vice versa. I wish I could be in both places at once!

I have managed to look after a Venetian painting, depicting four little angels, given to me a long time ago by a French friend of mine who was in love with me when we were little. It’s got a dedication on the back and I always take it with me as I feel it’s my good luck charm.

The little secrets kept in my magic cabinet are the love letters given to me mainly by platonic lovers.

The letters, as well as the painting, are my most treasured possessions. They’re the story of my life and the most valuable gift I’ve ever been given.

Alkisti Poulopoulou’s favourite Greek designers and producers

-Jewellery designer Margarita Myrogianni
-The founder of accessories’ brand, Ippolito, Pavlina Papailiopoulou
-The French graphic designer and pottery maker, Dianne Alexandre
-Parthenis fashion house
-The jewellery designer Lito Karakostanoglou (Lito)
-Paraphernalia concept store, with its wonderful home decor items


Alkisti Poulopoulou studied linguistics and History of Art at the Sorbonne and Oslo University. Acting came into her life much later. She has appeared on TV shows and her stage roles include Ophelia (Hamlet), Sonia (Uncle Vanya), Lady Anne (Richard the 3rd) and Ilse in Spring Awakening.

Cover Photo: Jérôme Sessini – Magnum Photos

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