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George Korres

The pioneer pharmacist, visionary entrepreneur and founder of KORRES global brand shares treasured pieces of his personal Magic Cabinet

In this day and age you’re inundated with information so, especially when you’re 52 years old, choosing just eight treasured pieces for your personal magic cabinet is a little arduous but here’s mine anyway:

-A leather pencil case with all kinds of pencils; soft, hard, medium, coloured and black. Ι always have it with me so I can write my to do lists, who to call, my priorities etc. I’ve tried everything but pencils are the most fun!

-Omega Speedmaster, the first and only gift I bought myself, when I started the company in 1996. I love this watch. I change the straps, repair it over and over again and, if it doesn’t suit the occasion, I just won’t wear a watch at all! I don’t think a day has gone by in the last ten years, where I haven’t played a few games of live chess, even for a few minutes. It’s the best company you can keep!

-Stavros tou Notou by Nikos Kavvadias and Thanos Mikroutsikos, which alongside Fortigo by Savvopoulos, are the two most important Greek records of the last 50 years.

-T-shirts by This is what Greece in the 21st century is, just like Alexis and Mihalis. These talented friends make me wish I were 18 again.

-IPad Pro. It’s never more than a few metres away, full of e-books and audiobooks (I go through two or three books a week). Let’s not even mention the apps, like my ultimate favourite, Mindo. I find it impossible to organize a complex task without it.

Naxos, the island I hail from and the place I rediscovered in my 40s, my paradise on earth. My no1 tip is Arseniko cheese from Mpampounes cheesemongers. ( They run out of everything no more than half way through the year, it’s that good.

-Anassa Organics. Teas made by Ioanna and Aphrodite, from organic Greek herbs in packaging I’m so jealous of. Every leaf and flower is hand picked and I mean every one. When you open your first Anassa box, there is no going back.

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