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Marina Vernicos

The award-winning photographer who captures breathtaking landscapes around the world talks about her favourite shots and the personal treasures of her magic cabinet

My favourite photo is a panoramic shot of Taj Mahal Mahal that got me a National Geographic “Photographer of the year 2018” nomination.

I also love a photograph of Myrtos beach in Kefalonia.

My Magic Cabinet is a cupboard in my bedroom. It’s where I store my favourite cameras, drone, travel keepsakes like hotel cards and fridge magnets, cards I’ve exchanged with my husband and some of my photos.

My first camera was a Nikon I bought with my father when I was 11 years old.

My favourite camera is the Nikon Z6, the best camera I have ever used! I look after all my cameras, no matter how old.

My drone is a DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Photography is my love, a way of life!

I collect room cards as I keep one from every hotel I stay in. I also collect fridge magnets that I pick up on my travels.

My favourite keepsakes take me back to all the places I’ve visited. I began travelling at a very young age. They also take me back to Sifnos, my favourite island, where I’ve spent all my summers since childhood. Sifnos is the sea, the feel of salt on my skin, good food, churches and its walking paths.

My favourite place is Polyaigos, an uninhabited island opposite Sifnos. It has the most beautiful, clear water in the world. You can clearly see the sea bed even from 15 metres away!

I can’t hide any secrets, even in my Magic Cabinet, as my kids get into everything!

My favourite place at home is the kitchen as that’s where the family congregates.

A gift that means a lot to me, as it has brought me luck, is a small silver icon of the Virgin Mary.

Marina Vernicos’ favourite Greek designers:

Zeus and Dione
Ancient Greek Sandals
Vrettos Vrettakos
Victoria Kyriakides
Celia Kritharioti



Marina Vernicos studied Communications and Photography at Boston’s Emerson College and Business Administration at Harvard Extension School. Her photos have been part of personal and group shows in museums including the Cycladic Art Museum in Athens, The Louvre in Paris and Hangaram Art in Seoul. Four years ago, she launched “Marina Vernicos Collection” (, with some of her best known photos printed on clothes and accessories. Known for her charity work, Marina Vernicos is the founder of CREAID, an NGO which uses art to provide for those in need

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