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Sarah Ferguson

The Duchess of York writes exclusively for A Magic Cabinet revealing her treasured cabinet and the personal journey behind its meaningful items

Hello, my name is Sarah, Duchess of York and I would like to introduce you to my Magic Cabinet. I love that it is called a Magic Cabinet because that is my wish, to spread some of the magic and happiness I have been lucky enough to experience around the world. I do this in a number of ways: through my creativity and my charity work.

Here are the items I would place in my Magic Cabinet…

Little Red

After reading Newsweek’s story about the Oklahoma City bombing, I went in search of the badly burned baby. The Little Red ragdoll was created to raise funds to help these children. Little Red sat in my offices of the World Trade Centre on the 101st floor. Remarkably she survived the wreckage intact. She has now become a symbol of hope.

Key to Freedom Scarves

Key to Freedom was initiated by the York Family; it provides a platform for the Women’s Interlink Foundation in West Bengal and helps develop their creative ideas. Many young women making these scarves have been exposed, since childhood to domestic abuse and were trafficked into the sex trade. The sale of these products to a wider customer group allows the women to earn a living and regain control of their lives.

Pine and Eucalyptus Scented Candle

Inspired by Pine trees in Verbier and Eucalyptus trees in Argentina, I produced an oil-based scent to be used in candles made in conjunction with Lilou and Loïc. Presented with a matchbox, featuring my photography and quote, containing long matches in a bespoke box.

Duchess Collection Tea

“When problems seem too large and
the solutions are not coming,
mum always said sit down with
a cup of tea and a biscuit and reflect…”

This sentiment inspired me to launch a range of black and flavoured teas created by a master blender. I selected my favourite recipes and flavours from my travels; tea flavours include Pink Champagne and Mint Humbug.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

“Victoria had an extraordinary presence
and she ran the country with great strength.”

I am fascinated with the lives of Victoria and Albert. I came up with the idea of a film about their love affair. I currently have new projects related to their lives underway.

My Camera

As a keen photographer, I am always looking for a great shot. Many of my photographs have inspired the gifts I give to friends and family. My trusty camera has travelled the world, but I am always drawn back to the gardens at home.

Mont Blanc Fountain Pen

From childhood I loved pens and pencils; this fascination has continued to adulthood. I love the look and feel of writing with fountain pens. My children’s stories are written with them.

Beatrice and Eugenie Bracelet

Above all I am a mother and immensely proud of my beautiful daughters. Being a mother helps me empathise with mothers throughout the world. We all want our children to live healthy and happy lives.


Sarah, the Duchess of York, born Sarah Margaret Ferguson, is a British writer, film producer, TV personality and the ex wife of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. She is also well known for her charity work.

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