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August Aromas

Prolong the scent of Greek summer with Kumílio Kimi Figs and Voria Chora

Here at A Magic Cabinet, we are savouring the delectable sweetness of a summer which although advanced, is fortunately not over yet.

To preserve the aromas of August we present products from the sunbaked earth of Greece, created with passion and blessed with sunshine.

Kumílio Kimi Figs

Kumílio offers sundried figs and a variety of fig products, such as fig jam, syrup and sweet of the spoon as well as figs dipped in dark chocolate. They also produce Retseli which is a preserve similar to chutney.

The Lamprou family created the brand in 2015 in Kadi, a village near the coastal town of Kimi, on the island of Euboea. Kostas Lamprou was born in Kadi but then his family moved to Athens when he was a child. His love for his birthplace and the nature that embraces it, drove him to return and create Kumílio.

Today, the brand harvests from as many as 1,000 fig trees to produce sundried figs always following traditional methods, yet introducing innovative new products based on these fruits so typical of Greece.

Kimi sundried figs are a Protected Designation of Origin product and are considered among the finest figs of Greece. Kimi’s soil and microclimate, along with the local technique of pairing two figs together to make the “askada”, sets the product apart and makes it unique.

In Kimi, figs have a pivotal role in the local community which goes back for centuries. Figs have been included in Greek nutrition since antiquity and the harvest has a huge cultural imprint on the area.

Kostas says that on the days of August, in the villages of Kimi, every sun-soaked corner of the land is crammed with wooden racks full of drying figs and almost all the locals are involved in this almost ritualistic practice.

Voria Chora

Voria Chora is a range of exceptional aromatic honey spreads enriched with herbs such as echinacea and sage. It also features a lavender cream honey with a unique silky texture.

Voria Chora products are created by 12stremmata, an organic farm which produces aromatic plants and herbs. They are located in Fotolivos, an area in the outskirts of Drama, in Northern Greece, next to the Aggitis River. The location is ideal, as it benefits from a microclimate, ensuring a perfect environment for the plants while suppling the beehives with water at the same time.

12stremmata was created by two young people which share a great passion and creativity for what they do. When Katerina Georgiadou and Vassilis Zavounis got married, they also united their family businesses. The fields belonged to Katerina’s family and the beehives to Vassilis’s.

While they were cultivating lavender, they realized that bees seemed to be attracted to the plants. Thus, they decided to move the beehives near the lavender and see what would happen. The result was the production of their truly distinctive lavender cream honey.

Katerina and Vassilis remember that when they produced this exquisite product for the first time, Vassilis’s father, an experienced beekeeper, was genuinely astonished explaining that, in all his years keeping hives, he had never tasted honey like this.

We hope you will relish these fruits of the earth as much as we do. They are here to prolong the scent, taste and warmth of the Greek summer.

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