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Embracing Home Life

Unique designs by Δeltakappadesign, Christiana Vardakou, On Entropy and Studio Forever

It is time to nestle into our homes again and a great opportunity to refresh and embellish them with some unique pieces from Greek home designers.

These Greek producers continue the tradition of Greek craftsmanship using sea stones, plant sourced dyes, marble and wood but infusing it with contemporary hints. The brands follow a sustainable philosophy, are conscious of their environment whilst also adhering to the highest quality and aesthetic standards.


Δeltakappadesign’s signature item is a honed, white pebble embossed with a hand painted design in smooth black ink, very distinctive and unique.

The twin sisters Dimitra and Katerina Tzivelou combined their love for art and design and founded the brand in Athens in 2016.

Dimitra creates emblematic designs while Katerina, an interior designer, transforms them into objects while also handling the company’s promotional needs.

Using a black and white technique, Dimitra has created a collection of original works of art and giclée prints, inspired by the animal kingdom, the marine world, traditional Greek architecture and ancient Greece. A Magic Cabinet proudly presents the designers’ line of decorative stones.

All of Δeltakappadesign’s designs are meticulously researched, recognized for their high aesthetics and quality and are available as limited numbers.

Christiana Vardakou

Christiana Vardakou designs handmade textiles for clothes, accessories and interior spaces. She actively promotes the movement of Slow Design and sustainability using 100% organic materials.

Christiana knew from a young age that she wanted to study art. She grew up in a family where both of her parents drew, her mother as a hobby and her father professionally, as an architect.

She moved to London and studied Textile Design in the Chelsea College of Art thus finding a way to combine her love for painting, fashion and interior design.
After her studies she travelled for four months through Northeast Asia, as she wanted to explore and learn about traditional techniques for textiles, natural dyeing, batik and embroidery.

In Thailand, she visited a small textile workshop where five women worked together, and visitors were welcome. It was there that she realized that she could create a similar environment in Greece, where guests could witness all the stages of textile creation.

Her workshop is located in Neo Psychiko, in Athens, where she also teaches natural dyeing techniques and batik work.

On Entropy

The two founders of On Entropy, Niki and Zoe Moskofoglou have formidable academic backgrounds and their work is informed by intellect and contemplation.

On Entropy is a marble atelier established by Niki and Zoe Moskofoglou in 2009 and based in Athens and London. Their vision is to present the entirety of marble’s cultural aspects, from the quarry and its original landscape to the historical influences that guide the trends of its design. The atelier encapsulates the contradiction between the strength and solidity that marble possesses to its diachronic qualities.

The sisters work on architectural installations, create lights, tables, benches and large platters as well as small decorative objects.

Niki and Zoe prefer Greek marble such as Dionysos’s white, Tinos’s green and Euboea’s red, and research Greek marble typologies extensively. On Entropy follows marble from its excavation to the local artistic workshops where it is given a form.

The central idea to their practice lies in the concept of “entropy” which means dynamic transformation. At first marble appears rigid and rough but with design and craftsmanship it can transmute and yield beautiful and elegant pieces.

Studio Forever

Chryssi Kaloteraki, the creator of Studio Forever, designs objects derived from high quality natural resources such as marble, clay, wood and woven fabrics. They are characterized by the simplicity of their design, a timeless aesthetic and their durability.

The collection of her decorative objects includes platters, coasters, tumblers, bowls and bottles as well as linen or cotton place mats.

The brand nestles under the umbrella of the furniture manufacturer Kaloterakis founded in 1976 in Rethymno, Crete which established itself with the same criteria of simplicity and quality.

Studio Forever collaborates with artisans from Crete and Athens who work with modern and traditional methods of crafting and most of their products are handmade.

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