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Holiston Greek Virgin Olive Oil

Inspired by Hippocrates, a new generation of Greek virgin olive oil has arrived.

The entire concept of Greek olive oil evokes images of thickly flowing liquid, pressed from olives plucked from rustling silver groves blessed and warmed by the sun, stored with care and devotion in steel tanks. Almost every Greek island treasures its olive groves. The sturdy trunks and limbs yield wood for utensils, platters, and accessories. The pale green shimmering leaves are so typical of Greece’s natural beauty and soften even the most stern and otherwise mountainous landscape.

And then there is the oil, golden and velvety, one of Greece’s basic and envied ingredients, the cornerstone of every recipe in the culinary heritage of this great country.

Holiston virgin olive oil is produced on the island of Rhodes. Its creation was inspired by the Giorgiou Family’s need to remedy some health issues that they were facing in a holistic manner – using nutritional as well as medicinal remedies. With a background in agronomy and environmental science, Andreas has a competitive edge over other producers. The groves are located in Kerkiras and cover an area of 15 acres. Natural fertilisers and pesticides are used to ensure purity and this is an indication of Holiston’s commitment to quality over quantity.

The crop is gathered on cool days with low humidity and then taken to the press within hours of its harvest, while most olive companies wait until they have harvested all their olives before pressing them. Most companies filter their oil before storage while Holiston doesn’t filter at all, allowing gravity to do the work for them.

The residue sinks to the bottom and the clear oil is decanted into another tank. This natural ‘filtration’ guarantees a higher percentage of polyphenols in the final product. Sun warms olives on the branch but can damage oil, so Holiston has not only a dark bottle but a double layered craft box to protect it from invasive rays.

The whimsical graphics on Holiston’s container suggest an apothecary’s bottle.

As the company’s vision is inspired by Hippocrates, founder of medicine, this olive oil feels more like a potion for health rather than just an ingredient for salad dressing.

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