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It’s Time to Spoil Yourself

Our exciting new beauty products by DOS Cosmetics, Apeiranthos and Sapon.

Whenever travelling back to Greece, I would always keep a compartment of my suitcase available to fill with imported skin creams and potions. I would use these in measured quantities living with the anxiety that my supplies were limited.

The original Magic Cabinet, after which our store is named, was packed with and perfumed by imported soaps and bath oils, with the only Greece product being an Eau de Cologne named Myrto, which was my mother’s name.

These three brands are delightful evidence of how the beauty scene has changed and developed in Greece.

Clinical expertise, imaginative recipes, natural derivatives and uplifting brand philosophies distinguish these three companies.

DOS Cosmetics

DOS offers beauty products inspired by ancient Greek and Chinese medicine and is the first Greek cosmetics company to be globally awarded.

The brand is based in Larissa, in Thessalia and was founded by Chrysanthi Papadopoulou, a pharmacist and acupuncturist who is passionate about alternative therapies and natural remedies.

The formulation of the products is the result of the collaboration of Chrysanthi and her father, Vaio Papadopoulos who is also a pharmacist. DOS products are scientifically researched and include an impressive range of collagen creams and oils to remedy specific skin problems.

Their vision is to combine the power of Greek herbs along with other natural ingredients of modern cosmetology. The herbs they use are highly bioactive and are cultivated on the slopes of the mountains Olympus and Kissavos by the brand.

They plan to open their first beauty show room in Athens in 2022, as well as launching their first men’s care collection.


Stella Pliaki is the founder of Apeiranthos, a natural skincare brand based in Thessaloniki.

Stella’s passion for handmade natural cosmetics was encouraged by her family, which originated from Chalkidiki and had been creating beeswax ointments and soaps, which they shared with the rest of their village.

The memory of her grandmother creating the traditional ‘keralifi’, is the inspiration for many of her products. Apeiranthos is inspired by botanical sources and the exhilarating and innovative product range encompasses serums, oils, masks and mists. There are even herbal concoctions for steaming the face and soaking in the tub. The brand has an empowering philosophy and offers products for self-care rituals.

Apeiranthos has a strong nature ethic and respect for the environment.They use glass or compostable packaging with only few exceptions.

Their latest product is Skin Stick, a convenient moisturizing balm suitable for the face, lips and body, which is easy to carry in a holiday travel bag.


Sapon is a natural cosmetics brand based in Athens. Their selection of products include luscious handmade natural soaps, organic skincare products, as well as bath salts, scrubs and serums.

Their products are created with premium natural ingredients and their soaps are made with Greek virgin olive oil blended with herbs and citrus fruits.

The brand was conceived the passion of its founders for natural and traditional cosmetics. The brand’s name, which is the Ancient Greek word for soap, expresses the timeless character of cosmetics.

Sapon takes inspiration from the traditional techniques of past generations, applying a contemporary cosmetology approach and using herbs and natural ingredients as a basis for their products.

The brand is always pursuing new innovative products and their plans for the near future include a new line of daily care body cream.

Clinical expertise, imaginative recipes, natural derivatives and uplifting brand philosophies distinguish these three companies. We are proud to include them in our Cabinet.

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