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The Richness of Fall

Dr J n G, Lord Amber, Hydnon and Saza

It is the time gradually to come indoors, ready your fireplace for a winter blaze and ice up your wine or tsipouro for a cosy sipping session. It is the season for cuisine of a richer palette spiced with sauces and chutneys. Enjoy it.

Dr J n G – Giannis Drakontaidis

The scarlet business card of Giannis Drakontaidis is as arresting as his robust bespoke creations. He announces his profession as a blacksmith and Giannis is one of the few master smiths in Athens casting decorative elements and homeware in stainless steel, copper and bronze.

His experience as a craftsman, welding metal into aesthetically remarkable objects, as well as large constructions such as fireplaces and chimneys, spans thirty-three years. For our site he has made an astounding ice bucket from hammered copper lined with liquid glass.

His favourite completed projects are the restoration of the Christina O, Aristoteles Onassis’s yacht and that of the Royal Clipper, a gargantuan five masted sloop.

His future plans include the expansion of his workshop offering unique furniture of his own creation.

Lord Amber

Young oenologist Nikos Vladikas founded his winery and distillery in Serres in 2008. His vision was to venture into the making of tsipouro and he followed his family’s old technique of wine making by allowing tsipouro to age gently in oak barrels.

Lord Amber is aged for two years and its taste is rich with a strong bouquet of aromas reminiscent of whisky. Notes of dried apricot, figs and caramel as well as a spicy aftertaste of smoke and dark chocolate, create a distinctive flavour.

Nikos and his business partner Miltiades Fegomitides selected a curvaceous, vintage-inspired bottle for Lord Amber reminiscent of the ones used for cognac.

Their main goal is to change the way people drink tsipouro. They believe Lord Amber could be the base spirit for a number of unique cocktails and they are currently collaborating with several bars in Northern Greece and Athens to promote that idea.

The brand also produces wines from various Greek grapes and is also developing Lord Dark, a tsipouro aged for 4 years.


Hydnon was founded in 2015 by Dimitris Dimopoulos, a truffle hunter, in the village of Chalandritsa, in the region of Achaia, 20 kilometres outside the city of Patras. Dimitris chose to name his company after the ancient Greek term for truffle, so he could boldly establish a link with antiquity.

Hydnon specialises in truffle related products, with distinct forest aromas. They also produce organic olive oil and cultivate pomegranates, which gave them the inspiration for their pomegranate jam with black truffle.

You need specially trained dogs and electronic smell detectors to locate truffles. Dimitris uses a great team of trackers, which is made up by none other than his three beloved dogs, Simone, Renato and Sasa.

According to Dimitris, collecting truffles is very exciting for anyone who loves dogs and connecting with nature. Dimitris feels it’s his duty to promote this gift of the Greek terrain and the history attached to it.


Saza offers a wide and exciting range of handmade sauces and chutneys. The brand is based in Neo Iraklio, in Athens and was created in 2018 by Eleni Koutsaki and Sotiris Semertzian, two people with passion for Greek quality food.

Their products combine traditional Greek recipes, ingredients and aromas, with spices, fruits and flavours from different culinary traditions from all around the world. The produce they use for their products come from Greek producers who respect the environment and their local traditions.

The name of the brand is the word “sauce” in vernacular, used in Epirus and North Aegean, and their logo is the traditional cauldron.

Eleni’s and Sotiris’s products are handmade with 100% natural ingredients, flawlessly blending flawlessly the traditional Greek methods of production with innovative new ideas. For the near future they plan to introduce four new sauces and chutneys.

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