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Pet Patrol

Always your Friend, Ippolito, theOliveSense and Woof Woof

At A Magic Cabinet, we are a team of dedicated canine enthusiasts guided in our choices by our two resident hounds, Bella and Maximos.

We have an impressive product range for those quadrupeds who make our lives so full of love.

Always your Friend

Always your Friend is a line of premium canine bath products using the most effective organic natural ingredients.

The brand is the vision of Eleni Kagelidou who decided to create her own pet products after realising that the Greek market offered a very limited choice of natural bath products for puppies and dogs.

Her handmade shampoos are concocted with organic aloe vera, virgin olive oil from Crete and other essential oils. The puppy shampoo is anti-allergic and all the other products are antioxidant and inhibit inflammations as well as bacterial and fungal infections. The labels promise protection from eczema, peeling skin and a fragile coat. Additionally, the products do not contain any potentially harmful chemicals, detergents, preservatives or additives such as gluten.

Eleni and her team are based in Chania, the stunning harbour town in north-western Crete. They work with ingredients gathered locally, such as Cretan olive oil and herbs to create their exceptional products.


Ippolito, a brand of exceptional leather bags created by Pavlina Papailopoulou, also offers a delightful dog collar collection.

Pavlina, founder of the brand, always had a propensity for pets. The name of her dog collar collection, Ippolito Loves Geppeto, is inspired by her beloved pet. Geppetto was an adorable puppy abandoned in the Attica countryside and after a few days’ hesitation by Pavlina, worried about the encumbrance of yet another pet, he was scooped out of his isolation and installed as the house and shop mascot.

Ippolito was established in 2009 in Athens, after Pavlina returned from Milan where she completed a Fashion Design Intensive Course at the renowned Instituto Marangoni in Milan, as well as an internship for Bottega Venetta.


theOliveSense creates 100% natural, handmade cosmetic products based on their own extra-virgin olive oil produced in Nemea, in the region of Corinth. Their products include a premium collection of pet products.

Their products are handcrafted using the cold process method in small batches in order to ensure their supreme quality and are free of parabens.

The brand was founded in 2015 by Vasilis Tsakopoulos and Mariza Mpoukouvala and their laboratory is in Zografou, in Athens.

Vasilis and Mariza have a 9-year-old Labrador named Chanel. Four years ago, they made a soap from citronella with which to wash Chanel. After that, her fur was healthier and shinier. They also made a moisturizing oil for dogs and launched them both together. Chanel was delighted and the products took off. These pet products were innovative back then and became very popular.

Woof Woof

Woof Woof offers a stylish and vibrant dog accessories collection, such as collars, leashes and bandanas.

Alexandros Megas is the founder of the brand and pet parent of Chelsea, a beautiful mixed breed dog. Chelsea was adopted by Alexandros when she was four months old and became the inspiration for Woof Woof.

Alexandros was working as a store manager in the fashion industry for many years and noticed that it was very difficult to find stylish accessories for Chelsea. Hence, he began to create his very own pet accessories and gradually to make a career change and establish Woof Woof in 2018, in Thessaloniki.

All his products are handcrafted while using eco-friendly materials, such as a recyclable canvas and a high quality 100% cotton fabric.

The brand is planning to introduce new accessories for cats as well for humans!


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