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Spring Accessories

Fetolia and MagnaDi

Spring is the season of flourishing colours and nature’s renewal. This year, more than ever, we crave the sun’s warmth and a joyful return to journeys and excursions, time shared with friends, after this long and arduous winter.

These gorgeous accessories, vibrant in colour and soft to the touch, are perfect to offer you warmth on a breezy day and refresh your own sense of style.


Fetolia is a newly established fashion brand which designs and creates premium silk scarves. The brand is based in Athens and their scarves are produced in Italy from top quality fabrics and textiles.

The company has embraced an eco-friendly approach and their production process abides by the rules of conscious manufacturing.

Tonia Ekonomou is the person behind Fetolia, and along with a team of young Greek professionals and selected designers and artists, they have created a collection which entails gorgeous designs featuring imaginative patterns mainly inspired by nature and antiquity.

Tonia inherited her passion for fashion from her family, who has a long history in the fabric industry.

She remembers that during a trip with her mother to a textile fair in Paris, she saw, on the wall of a restaurant, a picture of Melina Merkouri wearing a headscarf. It was at that moment that she realized the impact that an accessory, such as a scarf, can have on a person. “She looked so beautiful and self-confident.”, Tonia says.

Their plans for the future include the design of two new products which will be thematically inspired by Greek culture, and the expansion of their selling points worldwide.


MagnaDi offers an original collection of scarves inspired by ancient Greek tradition and mythology and the prints’ colours reflect those found in Greek nature.

It was established in 2016 by Margianna Dragoumanou, who is the founder and designer of the dazzling patterns on the scarves. All the designs are hand drawn and then digitally printed on silk.

Margianna grew up in the city of Nafplio, and she learnt from an early age to value nature and respect cultural traditions. She studied design at the University of the Arts in London and worked as an interior designer for a prestigious London studio. This experience urged her on to apply her creativity to something original. Inspired by her mother who was also a silk designer, she began creating her very own patterns and designs.

MagnaDi scarves are exclusively crafted and produced for the brand in Soufli, a town in northern Greece famous for its silk industry that flourished there in the 19th century.

In the past Soufli was famous for its textile companies and the manufacturers of Greek silk. Today, there is only one textile mill in existence, which produces silken fabrics and has all the equipment needed for digital printing.

These gorgeous accessories, vibrant in colour and soft to the touch, are perfect to offer you warmth on a breezy day and refresh your own sense of style.

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