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Sweet Fixations

Voskopoula, Evareston Exeptionals, Bariamis and Evlogia

Savouring the long hot Greek summer where the land is baked by the sun, the sand crackles with heat as you run towards the crystal cool sea and, finally, carefree days are here, A Magic Cabinet takes you on a sugary road trip.

We offer you a confection of typical sweets prepared with passion by producers from Kefalonia, Serres, Agrinio and Nafpaktos.


Voskopoula is a confectioner and patisserie located on the island of Kefalonia. The brand crafts a selection of traditional sweets, such as the classic mandola in various forms, pasteli, torrone, almond macaroons, nougats and a quince paste sweet known as comfeto, loyally following recipes that go back as far as 100 years ago.

Voskopoula has a long history. It was established in 1910 by Panagis Kappatos in the town of Argostoli, in Kefalonia, and since then the Kappatou family, after three generations, continues with the same unabated passion to offer premium traditional confections made with local products of supreme quality, such as quince, almond, honey and sesame. Their avid care and devotion are what distinguishes their products.

Their vibrantly designed packaging is inspired by the characters of Commedia dell Arte, a delightful way to pay tribute to the heritage of Voskopoula, the little shepherd girl, and the gastronomical influence of Venice on the island of Kefalonia.

Evareston Exeptionals

Evareston Exeptionals is a range of traditional Greek delights known as loukoumia. These gelatinous cubes, dusted with fine sugar, come in a mouth-watering range of flavours such as rose, mastiha and summer fruits.

They are produced by Parfait, a company founded in 1981 in Serres, in Northern Greece whose output includes traditional confection, premium sweets and chocolates.

With the Evareston Exeptionals line of products the company presents a traditional and exceptional version of Greek delights, differentiating them with a contemporary twist.

The company possesses a modern 600 square meters plant on their premises, which is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.

Parfait has won six awards for the quality of their products and for their gorgeous and vibrant packaging.


Bariamis is a family company which produces exceptional handmade traditional sweets, such as loukoumia and “vanilla”. A heaped spoon of this smooth, white, sweet emulsion is submerged in a glass of chilled water and known as a submarine. It marks the start of a typical Greek summer.

The company is based in the city of Agrinio, in Western Greece, and was established in 1930 by Themistocles Bariamis. Initially it was a small business producing traditional sweets, candies and pasteli. In 1960 Themistocles’s son, Christos, took over transferring his passion to his children.

Today, Giannis Bariamis and his sister Iro, together with her husband Giannis Roussos, continue their family’s artistry. Their aim is to introduce their traditional delights all over Greece and abroad.

Bariamis, as a brand, remains faithful to the family’s tradition and quality standards. Their products are made with hand-picked natural ingredients of premium quality and offered in simple yet classically designed packaging.


Evlogia is located in Trikorfo, near Nafpaktos. They produce jams in a production unit which is modern, yet perfectly integrated into its natural environment.

Their jams are based on traditional recipes, according to which all the fruits are cut by hand and then boiled and processed, without sugar, other sweeteners and without preservatives.

The jams are boiled at mild temperatures so that the nutrients of the fruit are not destroyed and their colour remains consistently authentic.

Evlogia is located at the Agrotel Pinakades, a farm of 44,000 square meters on the banks of the river Evinos and at the foot of the pine forest of Trikorfo. Their facilities are in a beautiful area of 5,000 square meters which includes a garden with fountains and perennial olive trees.

Traditional delicacies for a sweet bite after a salty swim, washed down with ice cold water.


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