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Central Greece

Mountainous with lavish and diverse flora and fauna
Warm, Mediterranean
Central Greece

Central Greece is one of the most mountainous areas in Greece having some of the highest elevations.

Central Greece, one of the thirteen Greek administrative regions, occupies the eastern half of the traditional region of continental Greece, including the island of Euboea.

During the Ottoman Empire the region was known as Roumeli (the land of the Romans, i.e. the Byzantine Greeks) and, along with the Peloponnese, they formed the first independent Greek state following the Greek War Of Independence in 1821. Roumeli was a source of inspiration for British author Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor. In his famous book "Roumeli", he describes the region, its history and local traditions and experiences sitting by the fireside sipping ouzo and devouring a succulent leg of lamb and retsina-soaked apples. Central Greece is one of the most mountainous parts of the country, having some of its highest elevations and largest lakes. The mountains of Vardousia, Giona, Oeta and Parnassos include some of the most beautiful forest landscapes of continental Greece. Mountain Oeta in particular is a national park with lavishly diverse flora and fauna.