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I Feel Like a Fresh Start


Basket, Afkos beans Salamousas, Fusilli Pasta Whole Wheat with Emmer Flour Maggiri, Organic Herbal Infusion with Apple and Beetroot grizo & prasino, White Almond Butter The Nutlers, Cranberries Tahini Spread Vrosis, Pure Symmetry Anassa Organics, Energy Blend Tea Bags Anthea Organics, Sage Honey Voreia Hora, Orange Slices with Cinnamon Spoon Sweet Citrus Scent of Memory, Yogurt & Blueberries Dark Chocolate Bar Esophy, Honey Pasteli Voskopoula, Melichio Pasteli with Black Sesame Patrikon.

In the case of high demand, you may receive a slightly different basket from the one in the photograph